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Our Girls, Our Game

Fri 19th Apr

Our Girls, Our Game is a musical about what women can achieve when they work together and refuse to limit their expectations, even in the face of classism, sexism and bigotry.

Book by Victoria Saxton
Music & Lyrics by Vikki Stone

University of Lincoln Musical Theatre Level 1 presents Our Girls, Our Game.

“Probably the most important team in the history of women’s football” (Gail Newsham)

Set in Preston against the backdrop of the First World War, this inspiring new musical explores the origins, triumphs and sacrifices of the Dick, Kerr Ladies Football Club. From munitions workers to playing for crowds of over 50.000 spectators, the Dick, Kerr Ladies F.C. became the A list celebrities of their day. Yet in 1921 they, and all other women footballers, were banned by the F.A from playing at its members’ grounds. Against all odds, the team continued playing until 1965. The ban remained in place until 1971.

With a contemporary pop score, the musical moves forward and back in time to tell the team’s story and celebrate women’s football.

Image Credit: Our Girls, Our Game – Katie Porter

  • Date:
    Fri 19th Apr 2024
  • Time:
  • Running Time:
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  • Prices:

    £3 All Tickets

  • Doors open 30 mins prior to start time.

    This event includes a 15min interval.

    Content Warning: This event inlcudes scenes of violence, death/dying, and sexism & misogyny. For more information please contact our box office.