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A papermache earth being held up by several pairs of hands.
Photo- Phil Crow

We’re open to ideas

On this page you can find out how we work with dreamers, makers, thinkers, doers and creators. 

Lincoln Arts Centre is the University of Lincoln’s public arts centre with a focus on talent development, innovation and research. A home for new contemporary performance, the next generation of artists and new artistic ideas. Our focus is on contemporary practice in the performing and visual arts and we are committed to working in partnership with other arts and non-arts partners to develop co-commissions that enable new work and which strengthen long-term relationships.

Our priority is nurturing the next generation of artists or artistic ideas. Whether that be introducing someone to their first experience of live performance or helping make their professional debut or introducing them to a new artistic concept or idea. Often that means we are interested in artistic work that tests the boundaries of form, is challenging or is helping us to develop new audiences. We don’t read unsolicited scripts and please do not send us original art works.

The best way to start a conversation about working together is by making us aware of your work through our Open To Ideas open submission or submitting your finished piece of work for Programming.

We draw on experience from across the University of Lincoln when programming, commissioning or developing work. This is facilitated by the Creative and Executive Director.

This approach has a dual purpose –

A) to work closely together to shape and develop combined arts programme

B) to increase awareness of artistic works or ideas to foster collaboration, even if that means the work does not present atthe arts centre. We recognise our strong ability to connect people and see it as our duty to foster a local ecology.

In addition to our programming process in which we look at finished artistic works on our stages/exhibition spaces, we also use it to facilitate an Open To Ideas Scheme; a process that aims to increase awareness and collaboration in a more efficient way.

If you have an idea, we guarantee it will be seen by not only Lincoln Arts Centre but academics from across the University of Lincoln and local organisational partners who will meet 4 times a year (March, June, September, December). This new development and commissioning framework will enable more people to see your ideas, and results in less overall labour for all involved, focussing time on relationship building and encouraging collaboration across Lincolnshire. We can’t promise that anything will come of the idea, but we do recognise our place as a facilitator and convenor of creativity and are committed to helping raise awareness and connectivity.

We strongly recommend that you consider how your work fits with our artistic programme and why you want to work with us before getting in touch, we have limited resources and have spent a great deal of time creating our artistic vision.