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The Lost Adventurer

Every Child

Every child is creative, but not every child can access Lincoln Arts Centre, and we want to change that.

Every Child is Lincoln Arts Centre’s donation scheme to make certain every child (under 12) can get creative with a visit to our purpose-built facility. Whether that be watching a show, learning a new skill or expressing themselves through their own performance or visual art.

It’s easy to donate. Just head to our website or add an optional donation when you buy a ticket.

Help us make sure that every child is welcomed into the Lincoln Arts Centre and more people can have experiences like those below:

“My child thoroughly enjoyed [Fantastic Mr Fox], still excited about it the next day.”

“Sitting at the side of the stage was so immerse, my children were glued.”

“My 7-year-old was giggling so hard in places. It was a wonderful experience of theatre for her.”

Donate online

It’s easy to donate.