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University courses

Lincoln Arts Centre is the home of the University of Lincoln’s School of Creative Arts and plays host to the daily lives and early careers of hundreds of its students every year.

Here, you can learn more about the various programmes of study that make up the LSCA and how they are cultivating the next generation of artists and creative thinkers.

Undergraduate Courses

Live the Writing Life at the University of Lincoln. If you love to read and write and want to explore the boundaries of your own creativity, Creative Writing at Lincoln can provide you with a new appreciation of literature.

The University of Lincoln’s BA (Hons) Dance degree explores the link between creative practice and the theoretical study of dance with the opportunity to examine disciplines including technique, choreography, performance, teaching, and research.

Combine your passion for theatre, performance and literature with the BA (Hons) Drama and English degree at the University of Lincoln.

This interdisciplinary joint honours programme allows students to engage with the vast majority of modules available on the Drama and English degrees and offers full access to the range of unique opportunities developed by both programmes.

Our Drama and Theatre degree gives you the opportunity to create, perform, and examine innovative theatre and performance.

Led by experts in drama and theatre research, professional performers, theatre makers and industry specialists, this course will help prepare you for a range of careers in drama, theatre, and the cultural industries.

Study world literature, explore your talents, and build a solid technical foundation as a writer with this joint honours degree.

BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing enables students to consider literature from a variety of theoretical, historical, and cultural perspectives. These include poetry, fiction, and drama, as well as less traditional literary forms, such as non-fiction, audio drama, and graphic novels.


Fine Art focuses on the artist as a socially responsive, publicly-aware practitioner, operating within physical, intellectual, and digital networks and referencing local, national, and global artistic platforms.

Music at Lincoln is a contemporary, industry-focused degree for musicians looking to develop their skills as performers, composers, and collaborators within a flexible curriculum that encompasses classical, rock, pop, and non-Western music.

From London’s West End to more experimental Fringe performances, musical theatre spans the arts, inspiring and entertaining audiences around the world. Our BA (Hons) Musical Theatre degree at Lincoln gives you the opportunity to create, perform, explore, and analyse musical theatre in all of its diversity.

BA (Hons) Technical Theatre and Stage Management is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the live arts, entertainment, and events industry.

The programme focuses on developing theatre professionals with a theoretical and vocational understanding of theatre industry roles and responsibilities, including academic knowledge and practical experience of the following subjects: stage management; stage lighting; live audio; design for the stage; health and safety; and the technical standards for places of entertainment.

Postgraduate Courses

As a creative person, you love arts and culture, and understand why they are important. You’ll have seen the benefits of creativity to people, places, and communities first-hand, and know that a creative career is viable, essential, and valuable.

You may be at the start of your career, or perhaps you’ve already begun to establish yourself as a practicing artist, independent producer, arts manager, or freelance creative. However you are looking to develop your practice and skills, expand your networks, and use your creativity to create change, this course has been designed to provide the tools for you to succeed.

MA Fine Art is a studio-based course that is aimed at those who wish to develop the critical, research, practical, and professional aspects of their art practice at the highest level.

This interdisciplinary programme encourages creative risk-taking and intellectual inquiry. Alongside a strong emphasis on the richness and breadth of art from around the world, staff and students on the programme are encouraged to take an active role in Lincoln’s contemporary art community.

The course aims to provide a 360-degree perspective on performance to reflect the need for a portfolio career in the 21st Century, with a designated focus on dramaturgy.

MA Theatre places an emphasis on the vast range of recent developments in drama, theatre, and performance practice and research. The programme makes full use of the expertise of staff across the Lincoln School of Creative Arts, which embodies in-depth knowledge of contemporary theatre-making.


Join our international community of writers and artists at the University of Lincoln.

Our MA in Creative Writing is an innovative and exciting course that provides opportunities to work closely with practising creative writers and professionals from the publishing and creative industries. It is designed to encourage you to improve your craft as a writer, develop your philosophy of composition, and explore contemporary forms of literature, and the creative industries. The course has a strong focus on employability and aims to prepare you for a professional writing or publishing career.

Finally, the School of Creative Arts also offers a range of opportunities for pursuing postgraduate research, including: