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Marriage a la Mode

Sun 21st Apr

18th century London meets The Only Way Is Essex & Bridgerton in a witty new musical inspired by Hogarth’s legendary paintings.

Book & Lyrics by Victoria Saxton
Music by Charles Miller

University of Lincoln Musical Theatre Level 1 presents Marriage a la Mode.

Should one marry for money or for love? Posh (but poor) Percy and rich (but common) Cecilia, forced to wed by their parents, are about to find out. When Percy’s father (The Earl of Squanderfield) dies and Percy inherits the title, the two clueless youngsters find themselves at the center of a morally bankrupt society, blackmail rings and (fabulous) masquerade balls.

Set to a soaring musical score, this comic – yet cautionary – tale echoes today’s self-obsessed society, warning of the dangers of putting gin, money, status and fame above morality and love.

Image Credit: Marriage a la Mode – Eliza Widdowson

  • Date:
    Sun 21st Apr 2024
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    £3 All Tickets