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A performer wearing a suit jacket and plastic gloves cradles a sheet in a way reminiscent of holding a baby.
Maybe This Time BA DRAMA & THEATRE at LPAC


Please read below to find the answers to frequently asked questions, including how to book.

  • How do I book online?

    You can book your tickets online through our website at

    If you can’t find the event that you’re looking for on the What’s On page, you can search for it using the filters or the search bar. Once you’ve found the event, click the Book Now button to purchase your tickets.

    If you have an online account with us already, you’ll be able to log in. If not, you’ll need to set one up. Please be aware that the email address your account is linked to is the one that we will use to send your order confirmation and e-tickets.

  • Can I book tickets in person?

    Yes! If you’d rather purchase your tickets directly from our Box Office, you can pop into the venue during our opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00) and a member of staff will be on hand to help process your order.

  • Am I able to book over the phone?

    Yes, of course! Simply call us on 01522 837600 during our regular opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00) or within 1 hour of the start of an event.  A member of our team will then be able to process your order.

    You can also use this number to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding events, tickets, venue access, etc.

    If you are having difficulty getting through on the phone, we might just be busy! If so, please either leave us a voicemail clearly stating your name and contact telephone number, fill in our contact form, or try calling again in a couple of minutes.

  • How do I book carer tickets?

    You can book carer tickets by calling our Box Office on 01522 837600 during our opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00) and a member of our team will process your booking.

    If we’re not open, or you’ve been unable to leave a message, then please email us via or fill in our contact form. We will then contact you at the earliest opportunity.

  • I’m struggling to book on the website! What should I do?

    We are still in the process of “moving in” to our shiny, new website. This means you might experience a couple of teething issues as everything settles in.

    In the first instance, we suggest clearing cache/cookies from your browser. If you are using a mobile device, we suggest changing web browsers or switching to a laptop or desktop computer.

    If you are still experiencing issues when trying to book, please get in touch with our Box Office team via – or you can call us on 01522 837600 during our opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00)

  • Will my baby need a ticket?

    Yes, all individuals attending an event, no matter their age, must have a ticket assigned to them. This is to ensure accurate numbers for internal auditing as well as Health & Safety purposes.

    However, if your child is under the age of 18 months, they will be eligible for a free Babes in Arms ticket, unless the event description specifies otherwise.

    To book a Babes in Arms ticket, please contact the Box Office on 01522 837600 during our opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00), or fill in our contact form.

  • Can I bring my child’s pram/buggy into the auditorium?

    Unless specifically stated otherwise, prams, buggies, pushchairs and other large equipment are strictly prohibited in our performance spaces. For events specifically targeted at families with young children, we will often designate a space in the foyer where audience members can leave their equipment for the duration of the performance. Please note, however, that we cannot ensure the security of any items left in the foyer, and thus recommend that all valuables are removed from the pram/buggy before it is “parked”.

    If you have any questions about storage provisions for a specific event, please contact the Box Office or ask a member of the Front of House team on the day.

  • Someone in my party is in a wheelchair. How do I ensure that space is made for them?

    For all performances taking place in the Auditorium, we keep several designated accessible seats aside for any audience members experiencing mobility issues, whether they are using a wheelchair or not. These seats can be taken out individually to allow for wheelchairs and mobility scooters to fit without obstructing the main walkway in and out of the Auditorium.

    Please note, that for Health and Safety reasons wheelchair users are not permitted to transfer into fixed seating. Therefore, to ensure your party can be seated together, we ask that you contact us directly to book this part of the seating bank in advance of your event.

    You can do this by calling or coming into the Box Office anytime during our opening hours (Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00) If you struggle to get through due to busy phone lines, please leave us a voicemail or fill in our contact form. A member of the team will then be in touch as soon as possible.

  • Do you offer any concessionary rates?

    We offer discounted tickets on select performances for under-30s and students through our Live Pass membership scheme. For more information on LIVE PASS, please click here.

    We also offer complimentary tickets for carers.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We can take payment via credit or debit card (Maestro, Visa, MasterCard or Solo). We also accept contactless payments if you are booking with us in person directly from our Box Office.

    We have recently become a cashless venue. This means cash is no longer accepted at either the Box Office or the Café/Bar.

  • Do you have any additional booking fees?

    There are no additional booking fees. There is a postage handling fee of £1.50 which applies if you would like to receive your tickets through the post. Tickets can be held at the Box Office for collection free of charge, or you can opt for E-Tickets which can be scanned upon arrival.

  • Is parking available?

    Parking is available on select performances. We usually offer parking for £1 during evenings and weekends. However, some weekends may be excluded from parking due to University of Lincoln Open Days. If parking is available, this should appear as an option during the booking path.

  • Can I get E-Tickets on my phone?

    You can choose to have your tickets sent to you electronically. A PDF of your tickets will be emailed to you for you to either print or present tickets on a mobile device at the auditorium doors for our staff to scan.

  • When should I arrive?

    It’s generally best to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the performance, especially if you’re collecting tickets from us. This will give you enough time to get a drink at the bar, pop to the toilet and find your seat. We normally open the auditorium from 15 minutes before the performance starts.

  • I’m running late. Will I still be let in?

    Sometimes latecomers will be asked to wait until a suitable break in the performance before they can enter. Due to the nature of some performances, it may not be possible for late comers to enter at all.

  • I need to update my contact information on my account, can you help?

    If you go to My Account, you can log in to your account and make any changes necessary from there. Should you have any difficulties logging in, please clear the cache and cookies in your browser settings and try logging in again. If you are still facing issues, please let us know via our contact form and a staff member will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • I booked some tickets for an event that I now can’t attend. Will I be able to get a refund?

    Refunds can only be granted to performances that have been cancelled or postponed, as per our Terms & Conditions. Should you require a refund please email us the order number, the name the order was purchased under, the last 4 digits of your card number and the reason you require a refund. Refunds will be looked at on a case by case basis and often need to be signed off by the event organisers. If you are eligible for a refund and once this has been processed by a member of the team, you will receive a confirmation email of your refund.

  • Due to an event cancellation, I am eligible for a refund. However, I would like to have the tickets credited to my account to use for a later date. How do I do this?

    Please email your request to us with the order number and the name the order was purchased under. A member of staff will then be able to process this. You will have 24 months to use this credit from the date it has been processed.

  • I would like to donate my tickets to the venue, how do I do this?

    We are very grateful for any contributions made to the venue and we are very thankful for your support. Please email your request to us with the order number and the name the order was purchased under. A member of staff will then be able to process this and you will receive a confirmation email of the donation. If you would like to make a separate donation, please go to Donate and make your contribution.

Available to hire for a variety of activities across our range of spaces

From drinks receptions in our cafe bar, rehearsals in our studios to conferences or performances in our main auditorium.