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Seeking out Hope and Joy

Lincoln Arts Centre, in fact I think we all are, seeking out and craving a little bit of hope and good dollop of joy in our lives at the moment.

We have been programming thematically for just under a year now. I write this half way through our first thematic season of work entitled: Just What The Doctor Ordered. Thematic programming alongside our new artistic policy and process called Open to Ideas, has been completely transformational. It has allowed us to go forth with conviction and clarity and coalesce people around good ideas; which is ultimately what it’s all about. Making sense of the world with great stories.

I’m excited as we prepare our first thematic brochure for Spring 2024: Arts for the Perma-Crisis (Feb – April 24). Works that explore the various crisis that we seem to perpetually live through, climate crisis, cost of living crisis, mental health crisis, arts in education crisis the list goes on.

We are beginning to cast our eyes ahead to this time next year where we’ll be exploring the duel themes of Hope and Joy. Each season has 4 or 5 shows/exhibitions, participatory arts project/s that involves public as makers and embeds evaluation and research into methodology, and then a symposium . All of which is interspersed with other non-seasoned activity: our brilliant students showcasing their work as part of festivals and our vital function as a place for the community to do their thing, whether it be dance showcases or fashions shows, we have it all through our community hires.

So come bring joy to our programme by clicking the below link on how we work with the dreamers, makers, thinkers through the Open to Ideas artistic policy. We guarantee your idea will at least be seen by multiple people, both inside, across and outside our organisation.

Thanks – Ben (Creative and Executive Director of Lincoln Arts Centre)

  • Published:
    Thu 2nd Nov 2023
  • Posted by:
    Ben Anderson

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