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Introducing Our Critical Friends

Since 2022 we have been on a mission to co-design and re-shape Lincoln Arts Centre’s mission and vision with our various communities and stakeholders that interact with our work. We’ve committed to a radically transparent and open process from the very beginning. This took the form of a major public consultation project, entitled The Future Arts Centre; where over 250 people took part in public workshops, online conversations and surveys.  To help us continue our transformation journey we have enlisted the support of Critical Friends, a group volunteers who applied via a public call-out. We’re delighted to share the first of our new volunteers with you. 

They will help us to make sure that we are producing, programming, and facilitating in line with our artistic policy and values. They help us re-think our relationships, our behaviours and our connections throughout the County, Country and internationally. They will offer advice and guidance, and advocate for the centre.

Within our group we’ve got new people, reflecting the 10% of first time engagers with the centre through the public consultation, in addition to people that bring a signficant amount of experience of the cultural sector in Lincoln.

From Lincolnshire and beyond, our Critical Friends include people who work at the university, students who study at the university, audience members, teachers, NHS staff, people who work in the third sector, international and national artists, and local independent arts producers.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer Critical Friend. Sign up for our newsletter for the next opportunity to join.

Ben Anderson said: “This process so far has led to some incredibly nuanced and insightful conversations about the role of arts centres, our civic duty and the power of arts and culture to transform lives. I’m humbled that we’ll get to continue that conversation with our new critical friends. I’m really keen to continue to broaden the conversation we are having with our communities and so if you’re interested do reach out and get involved. This is the start of something new and exciting totally informed by people.’

  • Published:
    Wed 31st May 2023
  • Posted by:
    Kayleigh Hunt