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Critical Friends

To help us on our transformation journey we have enlisted the support of Critical Friends, a group volunteers who are a key part of the organisation. They help us to make sure that we are producing, programming, and facilitating in line with our artistic policy and values. They help us re-think our relationships, our behaviours and our connections throughout the County, Country and internationally. They offer advice and guidance, and advocate for the centre.

From Lincolnshire and beyond, our Critical Friends include people who work at the university, students who study at the university, audience members, teachers, NHS staff, people who work in the third sector, international and national artists, and local independent arts producers.

In addition to our Governance Board, these Critical Friends will meet with the team to offer feedback on our vision,  monitor the progress of it and peer review all our events and public outcomes, so that at each stage feedback is embedded and that we continually push for improvement in our work to ensure it remains relevant.

  • Tanya Akrofi
  • Alice Bell
  • Philippa Casares
  • Dominic Clayton
  • Chris Kirkwood
  • Samuel Pearson
  • Mae Sleeman
  • Gemma Smart
  • Kieran Spiers
  • Giselle
  • Ivory Broughton
  • Kayley D’aguiar-Roberts
  • Chelsey Everatt