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Portrait Photography Commission (Freelance)

Lincoln Arts Centre and Barbican Creative Hub are seeking a portrait photographer for a landmark photography project to be exhibited at their Shine a Light on Social Prescribing Symposium on 7 December 2023.

Artistic Response – Photography 

The University of Lincoln will be hosting a symposium focussed on Shining a Light on Social Prescribing on Thursday, 7th December 2023 at the Lincoln Art Centre.  

Social prescribing is a key component of Universal Personalised Care. It is an approach that connects people to activities, groups, and services in their community to meet the practical, social and emotional needs supporting improved health and wellbeing. 

The symposium is part of a wider body of research by the university whereby individuals across the Greater Lincolnshire area will get the opportunity to share their experiences of social prescribing. Supported by the Arts Council England, this brief aims to create a photography or videography-led artistic response, to capture the personal stories and individuals in a sensitive, and engaging way.  


  • To devise and deliver a unique photography project that will ‘shine a light’ on the individuals / experiences involved in social prescribing  
  • To work in collaboration with practitioners and the university to develop ideas and content.
  • To produce an imaginative and engaging body of work in collaboration with the university, practitioners, and local community.   
  • To showcase the final project during the symposium and across PR & comms, website and socials.


A short series of portraits or video showcasing the individuals and stories that will bring to life and complement the work being presented at the Shining a Light on Social Prescribing symposium. This should include a dynamic display (digital or physical) within the Lincoln Arts Centre foyer and imagery that can be shared with the press, website and socials.  


Artist fee based on 5 x delivery and exhibition days @ £400. Equating to a fixed fee of £2000 plus additional budget for materials, travel, and identified participants costs. 

Payment will be made as follows:  

50% on signing of contract  

50% on completion of the project and final satisfactory sign off 

Additional expenses will be paid within 30 days of pre-approved invoices and receipts.  

Expression of Interests:

Please submit a 2 -page expression of interest and examples of accompanying portfolio to Sally Denton by 10AM on Monday 18 September 2023

Expressions of interest should include the following;  

  • Artist statement / profile and copy of portfolio or link to online portfolio  
  • Overview of approach to the project and why you wish to undertake the project
  • Confirmation of ability to complete work within budget / timescale  
  • Any materials or requirements to complete the work 

Please note, we will do our best to meet all access needs of artists for the duration of the programme. We are aware that individual access needs can vary and change. 

If you have an access request or want to talk your specific needs through with someone, please contact or call 01522 837600 and we’ll get a member of our team to speak with you. 


Contract to start on Monday 25th September. All photography work should be completed by Thursday, 9th November 2023, with the exhibition / event taking place on Thursday, 7th December 2023 


This project is powered by the Centre for Culture and Creativity and supported using public funding by the Arts Council England

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