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Kieran Spiers

Kieran is a Critical Friend of Lincoln Arts Centre, an Alumni of the University of Lincoln and is currently the Creative Producer for SO Festival in East Lindsey. This is the story of his memories at LAC and UoL, and the impact this has had on his further career.

“I graduated in 2017 from UOL from the Drama and Theatre programme. There are so many memories that I have at Lincoln Arts Centre. I think definitely the shows that I had the opportunity to perform in the building and being supported by the incredible technical team to realise the crazy and wacky ideas that I and my peers came up with during our time. I made some incredible friends in the building, some of whom I am still really close with now. I saw some of the most incredible work that has continued to inspire me there, from Jasmin Vardimon, Chris Thorpe and Forced Entertainment. I think fondly of that time as being part of an emerging and collaborative community, both as a student body but also from the support from the staff and local artists that worked with the venue.

“I came to Lincoln as quite a shy and reserved person. My time at Lincoln Arts Centre helped to bring me out of my shell and realise the creative possibilities of what a career in the arts could look like. As someone who is the first person in his family to go to university and be involved in a creative discipline, it was important to me that to feel at home and supported during my development. Which I did. I think I came to University wanting to be an actor and quickly learned of all the other exciting pathways to choose from. Lincoln Arts Centre helped me shape my ideas and my friendships. It was also the place where I met my partner of almost 10 years and we’re about to be married in October. If I hadn’t had been involved at Lincoln Arts Centre, we certainly would not have met.

“Now, I am the Creative Producer for SO Festival, an international outdoor arts and street theatre festival happening in Skegness and Mablethorpe. I have also just finished a Masters in Scriptwriting with the Manchester Writing School and am currently working on a redraft of a new play for a theatre. I am also engaged in opportunities to expand my writing more meaningfully in the East Midlands.

“I am also a Critical Friend of Lincoln Arts Centre. I feel that the progression from Student to Critical Friend happened quite naturally. I believe it is important to have multiple voices in the development of an organisation like Lincoln Arts Centre. It certainly helps with pride of place and feeling like I am contributing to the creative and cultural landscape of Lincoln. I take great pride in being a Critical Friend, but also a friend in general to Lincoln Arts Centre and Lincoln in general. I chose to stay in Lincoln, where many of my student peers opted to leave to other parts of the UK. I found that whilst Lincoln has it’s challenges, there are opportunities for significant growth and creativity which can enrich and deepen the effect that the arts has to play in other peoples lives. I have scratched work and worked on projects with the Lincoln Arts Centre and have felt supported by the organisation. I believe this transition from student, to Critical Friend has been fruitful and I long to be able to work with Lincoln Arts Centre again and utilise it’s facilities to develop new and provoking ideas.”