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Shining a Light on Social Prescribing Thu 7th Dec Lincoln Arts Centre, University of Lincoln Shine a light on Lincolnshire’s Social Prescribers through a one-day conference. Featuring expert contributors and first-hand stories of people who have benefited from social prescribing, this day hopes to celebrate the positive impact of this method of care. The day will highlight future thinking and best practice through an inspiring showcase of real art projects including award winning musicals, newly-commissioned photography exhibitions, and brand new music.

Charting Lincoln Arts Centre’s Impact

We love telling stories, they are part of what we do. Our greatest story is yet to be told, the story of our impact in Lincoln and Lincolnshire. To celebrate the first anniversary of Lincoln Arts Centre, we took on a project to chart the impact that we have had over the years, and the stories that come from within this building. This page is a collection of stories that together make up the impact we have had on our community.

We’ve collected stories from the Alumni and Students of the University of Lincoln and our audiences via a questionnaire sent out online. On this page, you can find snippets from these answers on this page, and linked below are two stories from Alumni highlighting their career path after studying within Lincoln Arts Centre at the University of Lincoln.


Getting involved with the BA (Hons) Music Spring Showcase this March was my favourite memory within Lincoln Arts Centre. I was on the tech team for all three days, and not only was it immensely enjoyable but I also learnt so much from it and had a massive boost in confidence regarding my show operating ability. They were the first live shows I'd ever worked on! There was such a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and a rewarding end result as the performances were great!
Now, I'm still doing my degree at the University of Lincoln, using the Lincoln Arts Centre every week to support my studies. The facilities provided by the theatre are excellent - having a professional-standard auditorium, multiple studios, and equipment such as lighting desks and mixing desks makes learning much easier and gives me the practical experience that I need.

– Current Student

I am a senior lecturer in dance and programme leader for dance at UOL. I studied my MA Choreography here 2011-2012 after being a visiting lecturer in 2009-2011 at UOL. All of this was based in and around Lincoln Arts Centre and although my journey was a little backwards it always leads back to LAC.
In addition to this, I run a small dance company where we work with children at the weekends, and numerous community events such as True Motion and Unite The Scene that the children are involved with, these draw me back to LAC, yet again!

– Senior Lecturer

I am currently the sales and scheduling manager for Lincoln Arts Centre. During my studies from my second year onwards, I refocussed my modules to support my ambition of working in Arts Marketing. I had a real passion for graphic design and digital marketing, I volunteered with LOV to support their youth groups and helped develop marketing materials for them. From here I went on to be Arts Marketing Intern, to Box Office and CRM Manager, and then onto Arts Administrator for Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. The changes in my role has meant that my focus/ passion has developed into a love of programming and box office management.

Studying Drama in the home of Lincoln Arts Centre meant that I was exposed to so many various different artforms and was able to experience new and contempory works. There were times when I would be sat in the audience and wishing that more people knew about this work, wishing more people had the opportunity to see this work, and now I work in a role where I can make that happen. For which I will forever be grateful.

– Lincoln Arts Centre Staff, Alumni of University of Lincoln

My favourite memory at Lincoln Arts Centre has to be the entire show week on A Christmas Carol back in December 2023! What an incredible week and an incredible show to be a part of, we made so many forever memories there
I’m a third year student on the BA Hons Drama and Theatre programme, and I’ve loved my time in Lincoln so much that I’ve just decided to stay and do my Theatre Masters! The facilities were a huge factor in this decision, being able to work in the LAC every day is amazing, and I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be supported by the people there.

– Current Student

Darren Page

Darren is the current programme lead for the Technical Theatre and Stage Management and an alumni of University of Lincoln. This is the story of his jurney from student to staff, and the impact Lincoln Arts Centre has had on this journey.

Kieran Spiers

Kieran is a Critical Friend of Lincoln Arts Centre, an Alumni of the University of Lincoln and is currently the Creative Producer for SO Festival in East Lindsey. This is the story of his memories at LAC and UoL, and the impact this has had on his further career.