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Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s online youth theatre to record a brand new radio drama.

As the uncertainty of the current situation continues, we we can take heart in the resilience, positivity, and creativity of young people.

Following the necessary decision to cancel their live performances this summer, rather than be downhearted, our brilliant group of teenagers have come up with a great way to stage their original material – turn it into a radio play.

Remote Street is set to be a gripping drama that tells the story of group of young people and their teacher confined to a remote island.

Believing that WW3 has ravaged the rest of the world they seek to overcome the trials and tribulations of life in isolation as they unwittingly participate in Sanctuary Studio’s morally questionable reality TV series.

Think Made in Chelsea meets the Truman Show.

  • Published:
    Thu 28th May 2020
  • Posted by:
    Holly Cox