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Nebula Festival 2024

Nebula Festival presents a diverse line-up of events celebrating the connection between music and identity. From Band Night, which features five Lincoln-based bands across various genres, to the grandeur of Masquerade Night, with orchestral performances, there's something for every music enthusiast. Explore the unique blend of fashion and music at the Fashion Show, celebrating self-expression in both realms.

Dive into creativity at the Open Mic/Jam Session, where musicians of all levels come together to share their talents in a supportive environment. Come and experience fun and inclusive community music workshops, which will vary from ukulele, to samba, and boom whackers and will be fun for all the family to get involved with. Engage in craft activities, including masquerade mask decorating and collaborative paper chain creation, to visually express personal identity through music. Additionally, don’t forget to join The Playlist Project, where attendees can contribute their favourite songs, creating a collective musical identity reflective of diverse tastes and perspectives. Nebula Festival promises unforgettable experiences celebrating the richness of music and individuality, uniting people through their shared passion for artistic expression.

Nebula Festival, a third-year project on the music course at the University of Lincoln, centres on the theme of identity through music. We aim to unite individuals from various creative disciplines, including Graphic Design, Fashion, Film and Photography to showcase their work and combine their identities. The festival, an annual occurrence with changing themes and venues, finds its home this year at the Lincoln Arts Centre. Featuring a diverse line-up of music-focused events including live music performances, a masquerade ball, community music workshops, an open mic and jam session, and a fashion show, Nebula Festival provides a harmonious platform for artistic expression and cultural exploration through music.

All of the funds raised from Nebula Festival will go to the charity LEAP. We have chosen to aid the charity LEAP as a music festival based on identity can be a platform for promoting social awareness and inclusivity. LEAP and partners have supported over 16,000 young people from 2022-2023 and is already partnered with the University of Lincoln, so we know the money is going to really help people and contribute to a more compassionate and informed community.

Photo Credit: Photo by Matt Botsford

Submit your song suggestions here for Project Playlist – find out more info about the project here Project Playlist