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Neighbourhood Knowhow

Wellness Compass Week 4 – Neighbourhood Knowhow

Wellness Compass is mass-participatory community project that nurtures wellbeing. It is the people of Lincolnshire’s creative guide to nurturing wellbeing. Keeping our bodies and minds active, healthy and strong, together.

Week Four – Neighbourhood Knowhow – NHS Step 4: Giving to others

Our inspiration for this project has come from the NHS Five Steps to Wellbeing and week four’s theme is Giving to others. 18-24 May is Mental Health Awareness Week and so we are exploring how giving to others can help with mental health.

An act of kindness can raise our self-esteem, help us to feel connected and give us that all round good feeling. The fantastic thing about this step is that you are not just looking after your own wellbeing, but you’ll be taking care of someone else’s at the same time. No matter how large or small the gesture, it always feels great to know that someone is thinking of you.

Whether it’s giving a gift to a family member, volunteering your time in your neighbourhood, or sharing a problem with a friend in your network, there are no end of creative ways to give to others and we want to hear all about your ideas.

To give you some inspiration the LPAC team have shared some examples on YouTube of how they are using culture and creativity to nurture their wellbeing, but this is just to get the ball rolling.

What we are really interested in is the approach of our community members. We want to hear your stories, hear see creative adventures and learn from your advice. For more information contact our producer Dawn Richmond-Gordon.

How to Submit

Submissions for Week Four – Neighbourhood Knowhow open on Friday 22 May

Final Submissions will be on 1 July so don’t worry if you don’t manage to submit footage about how you use creativity to stay connected to us within the first 7 days .

Please record your footage in landscape following the guide available here.

Upload the content by following this link.

If under 13 years of age you must obtain a parent/guardian’s permission to take part in Wellness Compass and ensure they have read our Privacy Policy. At the start of end of the video this ask them to state to camera their full name, their relationship to you, your date of birth and that they consent to Lincoln Performing Arts Centre processing your submission in line with our Privacy Policy.

Please note by submitting video footage and/or images to Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (University of Lincoln) you consent to Lincoln Performing Arts Centre using the video and/or images resulting from the photography or filming, and any reproductions or adaptations thereof, to document its activities for promotional purposes and for journalistic, academic, artistic and literary functions. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in creative projects, printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on how we process Personal Data.

All video footage and/or images must be your own and not under the copyright of another person or organisation.

  • Published:
    Fri 22nd May 2020
  • Posted by:
    Holly Cox