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Just What the Doctor Ordered

We're introducing Lincoln Arts Centre’s Autumn Programme.

2023 has been a huge year for us, so we thought we’d round it off with our very first official season as the new Lincoln Arts Centre. Coming up this Autumn is an eclectic mix of art works to inspire, delight or challenge from local, national, and international artists. Our programme has been co-designed via our Open To Ideas artistic policy. So whether you’re into fighting vampires, intrigued by aliens or fans of musical legends there’s a lot on offer. 

The season is rounded off by not one, but two new productions that have been co-produced and made in Lincoln. Our students will perform and create an original adaptation of a festive favourite: A Christmas Carol, don’t be a scrooge this festive season – book early for £10 tickets with the code EARLYBIRD10. In addition to this we’re producing Science: Live on Stage. Get ready for experiments of great magnitude, reactions of skilful aptitude, and a lecture that thinks outside the bunsen burner. This is a perfect show for children and young people, so get stirred by science this autumn.  

A big theme of our programme for this season is artistic works that have some connections to health, wellbeing, how we look after our minds, our relationships to our bodies, and just what makes us happy. We plan to shine a light on social prescribing in Lincolnshire; an approach that connects people to activities, groups, and services in their community to meet the practical, social and emotional needs that affect their health and wellbeing. 

As ever talent development is at the heart, with a series of partnerships with national and international partners including UK New Artists and Frequency Festival. And remember if you’re aged 16-30 or a student of any age you should sign up to our free Live Pass membership, you will be eligible for a whole range of exciting benefits including reduced ticket costs for select events from Lincoln Arts Centre’s new, exciting, and contemporary programme of performances, workshops & exhibitions.  

You could say our autumn season is Just What the Doctor Ordered. Find everything in our digital guide on our website, but here’s a whistle stop tour of just SOME of the events we’ve got going on: 


28 September | I Heart Michael Ball 

It’s the 10th bi-annual meeting of the Michael Ball Appreciation Society and Alex, their founder, has a special surprise to mark the occasion 

October | Demo 

DEMO is your chance to see the best new artistic ideas tested out in front of an audience, often for the very first time. Offering a selection of new work from the most exciting artists both regionally & nationally, this event encourages critical discourse in a relaxed and supportive environment. Everyone is welcome.

Want to take part in Demo? Keep an eye out, we might have an announcement just for you soon.

2 – 4 November | Alien Embodiment Laboratory 

A moving image artwork illuminates a large projection screen, a sci-fi narrative begins to unfold at a meditative pace in high-contrast black and white images. 

12 November | Who Am I?  

Bridget Christie is hot, but not in a good way. 

The 51 year old critically-acclaimed stand-up leaks blood, sweats, and thinks that Chris Rock is the same person as The Rock.  

18 November | Buffy Revamped  

This fast-paced gem brings you the entire 144 episodes of the hit 90s TV show, Buffy the  Vampire Slayer, as told through the eyes of the one person who knows it inside out…Spike. 

30 November – 1 December | Science: Live-On-Stage 

Experience live experiments, sensational science, learning and fun as Lincoln Arts Centre introduces our first ever Christmas Science Lectures! 

7 December | Shining A Light on Social Prescribing 

Featuring expert contributors from a variety of sectors and first-hand stories of people who have benefited from social prescribing, this day celebrates the impact of social prescribing, addresses challenges, and looks at what the future holds.

14 December – 22 December | A Christmas Carol 

The timeless tale of Ebenezer Scrooge makes its way to Lincoln Arts Centre.  

  • Published:
    Wed 2nd Aug 2023
  • Posted by:
    Kayleigh Hunt