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In Conversation with Mishap Theatre

Ahead of Demo on April 21st, we sat down with Mishap Theatre to talk all things 'Twenty Something'.

How long have you been working on Twenty Something? 

Twenty Something has been our project since the end of January 2022, after forming the company in November 2021.


Why did you decide to create the show? 

We wanted to create something that was light and fun, that audiences did not necessarily have to understand but just enjoy.

 We were facing the pressures and challenges of early adulthood experiencing first hand tight budgets, the thought of being left behind by our peers, navigating relationships, and the silly mistakes we make in everyday life.

After chatting to our peers and investigating different stories we decided to make a show that we hoped would be relatable to show that the mistakes we each attempt to hide are what make us human.


You describe the work as episodic, how do you differentiate between each episode? 

Each episode of the show shares a different aspect of life in your early twenties. All the episodes were made separately at different stages in our devising process, we then experimented with the placement and played with how they would contrast to one another.

Episodes can be moved around but with the same beginning and end will always achieve the same outcome, resulting in a chaotic performance space.

‘Twenty Something’ is carried by a soundtrack of discordant soundscapes and jazz which also helps each episode to differentiate from each other.

The use of episodes means we can make the show however long we want it to be, to fit any performance space or programme.


You use real stories within the piece, are these your own stories, stories you’ve been told, or a mixture of the two? 

The piece combines our own real stories as well as testimonies from friends which we gathered through social media polls and questions.  We also had conversations with people of a variety of ages.

We then invited the students from The Lincoln Company to engage in a series of workshops to experiment and play with these stories.


How do you plan to use any feedback provided after the Demo? 

As this is only the third time we are sharing ‘Twenty Something’ we would love to use this feedback in combination with the feedback from our other performances to develop the show further.


Where will you be taking Twenty Something next? 

We would absolutely love to take ‘Twenty Something’ on tour. We have been so grateful for the mentorship The Lincoln Company and The Lincoln Arts Centre have provided and using this support we aim to put in an Arts Council application by the end of 2023.

  • Published:
    Mon 17th Apr 2023
  • Posted by:
    Kayleigh Hunt