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Hope & Joy

It is increasingly a radical act to have relentless belief, faith, hope and optimism.

Creative Meet Up

Dreamers, makers, thinkers, doers, and creators, you’re invited to the Artist Meet Up at Lincoln Arts Centre co-hosted by In Good Company and facilitated by the Barbican Creative Hub.

Future Perspectives

The Barbican Creative Hub is hosting a one-day conference exploring pioneering approaches within the creative industries. This event will offer diverse perspectives and a multidisciplinary approach, with a line-up of creative and cultural thought-leaders that are embracing innovation and the use of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Extended Reality (XR).


ARCADE is a joyful interactive performance with short dance ‘games’ to connect people of all ages with the childlike joy of play - and each other! Elegantly played & facilitated by our friendly team of performers, some games are mesmerising and fun to watch, and others invite everyone to join - #LetsPlayARCADE! [embed]https://www. youtube.

Stage Combat 2024

A two-and-a-half-day intensive knife course designed for people with no or little experience all the way up to those with industry recognised qualifications in stage combat. Courses on offer: Standard, Intermediate, Advanced and Specialist The stage combat courses being held at LAC will cover preparation, technical skills and their use on stage and screen.

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