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Tue 7th May

When the harmony of a community is disrupted, what is left behind in its wake? Is it broken? Can it ever be fixed?

Once humans worshipped the ground they walked on, but now there is only neglect. Humanity disguises its true brutal nature while feasting on the corpse of the planet. How much can the land endure from the scars of war?
Starved by her own children, inhaling haggard breaths of toxic air, she looks upon her beautiful home now invaded with rotting values and debris.

She won’t break, she will prosper.
As history repeats, destruction is inevitable.
A never-ending cycle of growth and decay, will the earth ever know peace?

The Level 1 BA Drama and Theatre/English Students have created an exciting 60-minute contemporary performance, working with voice, sound, physical theatre, lighting and space to explore the idea of community.

  • Date:
    Tue 7th May 2024
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    Free – booking required.

  • Doors open 30 mins prior to the event start time.