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Mon 18th - Fri 22nd Mar

An exhibition by Assunta Ruocco and Alison Lloyd, with Alison Lloyd, Ellen Angus, Giulia Damiani + Le Nemesiache, Janhavi Sharma, Our Days of Gold (Assunta Ruocco + Daniel T. Wheeler) Sofia Yala

‘Mirrors, Windows, Portals’ brings together an intergenerational group of artists exploring embodied approaches to the photographic archive. The exhibition is the culmination of conversations between Assunta Ruocco and the late Alison Lloyd, about the commonalities in their projects re-animating photography archives. Both artists made large bodies of photographic work when at art school or shortly after, respectively in the early 2000s, and in the late 70s, which they shared through social media in recent years as @romilly_crescent_docs and @ourdaysofgold_film. In developing the exhibition, Lloyd and Ruocco questioned how artists’ archives might become contemporary, or images from the past might help configure the way we think of ourselves in the present and project onto the future.


  • Date:
    Mon 18th - Fri 22nd Mar 2024
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  • Drinks reception 20 March 5 pm