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Fri 21st Apr - Thu 21st Mar

Be part of developing the next big thing!

Be part of developing the next big thing!
DEMO is your chance to see the best new artistic ideas tested out in front of an audience, often for the very first time.
Offering a selection of new work from the most exciting artists both regionally & nationally, this event encourages critical discourse in a relaxed and supportive environment.
Everyone is welcome.

October 20 2023 Line-up

Ellie Grace – The Whore Queen

The Tower of London. It is the evening of Anne Boleyn’s execution. She reflects on her life and how she ended up here. But something isn’t quite right. She’s been through all this before. She is dragged through her memories by an unseen force. Events are missed out. History has been distorted. She is fighting to tell the truth before time reduces her down to a single phrase ‘Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, executed in 1536 for adultery, incest, and high treason.’

Haptiv – Clotho

Drawing on the life and work of the sculptor Camille Claudel, this short co-created performance presents a momentary image of one of Camille’s sculptures, Clotho, reimagined in the flesh and using reclaimed materials.
The youngest goddess of the three fates, Clotho in Greek mythology spins the thread of human life. This performance installation explores the opposing tensions that both impede and inspire the artist’s act of expression.
We envisage this work evolving within a broader project created as an immersive installation. Potentially incorporating 36O• VR / AR, and live projection; part of an interactive adventure that explores the current climate crisis our civilisation faces through the lens of the lost city of Atlantis.

Sugar Theatre – Tell Me I’m Stunning

‘Tell me I’m Stunning’ is a new work-in-progress piece delving into the dark truths of the rise of selfie culture. In a world where our online presence is prioritised, our physical appearances also take centre stage. The introduction of the front camera has given us access to seeing ourselves so easily whenever we want, with a chance to look back at pictures of ourselves, choose the ‘best ones’, analyse the weak ones, and share with the online world. We have grown obsessed with our own faces. Is this empowering or is it really messing us up?!

Through a mix of physical theatre, performance art, photography and video and projection, Sugar is teaming up with Sophie Fleming at Happy House Theatre to create this new show, with an aim to kickstart a project with students and young people looking into the psychological impact of selfie culture.

  • Date:
    Fri 21st Apr - Thu 21st Mar 2024
  • Time:
    Various times
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    £7 Standard

    £5 LIVE PASS

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