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Cafe Scientifique

Tue 12th Sep - Tue 13th Feb

Are you interested in science?

Lincoln Cafe Scientifique encourages understanding and debate about topical scientific research in an informal setting.

Speakers present a short talk on an area of science in which they have been involved which is then followed by questions and chat.


The next talk is…

Date: Tuesday February 13th

Time: 6.30-8.30pm


Title: “Biological Sex” as a Misnomer

Kirsten is a cognitive neuroscientist with an interest in gender and the ways in which our brains experience our bodies.

Her talk will discuss how our chromosomes influence the development of the nervous system before birth and will explore how exposure to hormones before and after birth can affect the reproductive system and the brain. She will explore the idea that the commonly used term “biological sex” does not accurately capture the complexity of sex determination and expression seen within humans, and the fact that the traditional binary view of male/female does not fully encapsulate the diverse ways in which “biological sex” can manifest.


  • Date:
    Tue 12th Sep - Tue 13th Feb 2024
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    Various times
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    The Cafe Bar
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    FREE (Booking Required)