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All Bets Are Off

Wed 8th May

Hieronymus Bosch’s bizarre triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, illustrates a tranquil paradise, a fantastical landscape of worldly pleasure, and a harsh vision of Hell: a warning against the consequences of hedonistic indulgence.

All Bets Are Off is an exuberant visual performance that brings Bosch into the 21st century, reimagining the ‘garden’ as a glossy casino; a den of iniquity where temptation is veiled in alluring masks, and life-changing decisions are made on the roll of a die.

The performers gamble on their relationship to sin by way of Dante, Milton and Greek mythology – and with a devilish sense of humour. As surreal and confounding as Bosch’s painting, the piece questions our moral compasses, spins the wheel of fate, and asks how far is too far.

We all do bad things. The cards are dealt, the die is cast – but, when the chips are down, what follows? Place your bets.

A dynamic ensemble of level-1 BA Drama and Theatre/English students have created this highly visual postdramatic performance by embracing intertextuality, choreography and play to create a surreal, textured, tongue-in-cheek work exploring themes of sin, guilt, addiction, corruption, punishment and redemption.

  • Date:
    Wed 8th May 2024
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    Free – booking required.

  • Doors open 30 mins prior to event start time.

    Age: 15+