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Big Bouncing Boogie is Back!


BIG BOUNCING BOOGIE will be Bounding Back to our Auditorium


Earlier this year we hosted our very first BIG BOUNCING BOOGIE. An event where your little ones get a chance to blow off some steam, have a blast on various inflatables (including an inflatable racecourse with space hoppers!!), and get a chance to get down and have a little boogie with funky music and disco lights. If you attended than you’ll know we asked you to fill out a short survey. We have taken that feedback on-board and are proud to announce that Big Bouncing Boogie is making a return this season.




Thank You for Your Feedback


We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback and taking the time out to fill out that survey. We understand that as a parent, time is short so we are very grateful.

Some of the feedback we received related mostly to capacity and how quickly the vent sold out. This, combined with the popularity of the vent, made us rethink a few things. We obviously could not increase capacity due to health and safety reasons. We also wanted each child to be able to have a fair amount of time on the different inflatables. With this in mind we have decided to split the event in two. Having two time slots, we will be able to increase the capacity but not at the expense of health and safety.

We are bringing back the extra space hoppers, we are bringing back the music, and we are bringing back the fun! We look forward to seeing you all return to Big Bouncing Boogie and to hopefully see some new faces. It really is a fantastic event and we are so pleased to be able to bring it back again.


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    Thu 9th Aug 2018
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