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Our values

We're putting the future first! In 2022, we launched the research and consultation project Lincoln's Future Arts Centre. Over 200 people weighed in and the learnings we gathered helped us to build our mission, vision, values and ethos, which is outlined on this page.

Our Vision

A world transformed by creativity.

Our Mission

To nurture the next generation of artists and artistic ideas to present work that challenges, inspires and delights.

Our Values

Curious – We are always eager to learn, open to new ideas, to expand our knowledge of the way things work, broadening our approach and the people we work with.

Courageous – We take risks, and try new things, knowing that if we fail people have our back. We challenge where we need to because we care, even if it makes us nervous.

Collaborative – We foster an environment where we invest time and energy in other people and organisational partners to build long term, transparent and trusting working relationships or organisational partnerships.

Global – We care about the inter-connectivity of our world, our relationship to the environment and the people in it. We are ambitious for Lincoln and it’s place in the world.

Resilient – We live in a world of many challenges so securing our resources, and peoples wellbeing is important so that we can continue – it’s a long game, not a fast one.

Our Ethos

People who work with us should be constantly curious about change, and audaciously hopeful about our ability to re-think our relationships, our behaviours, and our connections.


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