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Photo Credit: Phil Crow & Andrew Abrahamson

Technically Speaking: Spotlight on the Future

Thu 11th Jan

Notebooks at the ready, prepare to furiously fill them with insights from inspiring keynote speakers, panels and workshop events exploring some of the burning issues from behind, above and beside stage.

This day-long event is for technicians or those interested in the technical and back of stage aspects of live performance and visual artwork. Come connect and network, leave your follow spot positions, emerge from your workshops or black box studios and enter a day of discourse with colleagues and peers across the industry to answer some of the burning questions, overcome challenges and seize opportunities.  

This event has been co-designed by technicians and stage managers of the future from the Technical Theatre and Stage Management Course at the University of Lincoln and is presented by Lincoln Arts Centre and Barbican Creative Hub in association with Lincoln School of Creative Arts. 

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    Thu 11th Jan 2024
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