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A person standing in a red small room with an uneven floor and a light globe sphere next to them.

Space Time Matter

2nd – 15th October 2023

The physical universe is temporal - its physical characteristics are defined by time, space, mass and energy. Space Time Matter is an exhibition about everything that exists.

It explores philosophies of the limits of what we know; representations of relativity, reality and existence. The installation itself allows for a consideration of what it is to be alive – underneath the moon, facing the waves – the viewer is as much a part of the intrinsically romantic landscape as the installed pieces. The work is a pursuit to understand the world around us, in its past, present, and future.

Components of the landscape include Hollow Moon: a suspended sonic sculpture formed from research into the Apollo 12 Passive Seismic Experiment and consequential theories with regards to its hollow potential. The sound which resonates from the sculpture is at 210.42hz – the theorised frequency of the moon. Underneath the moon, Wave Machine is
a mechanical piece about time and the connection between the lunar cycle and the tide, providing a visual investigation into movement; presence; potentiality. Everything Has Turned to Dust is a film that concerns the impending future of all of the matter on Earth. These three works have
all been produced in 2023 and have been curated together for the first time for this exhibition.

This being his first solo show, Oliver Ventress is a video and installation artist who has a primary concern with the idea of Being as a Medium. Previous works have included a series of attempts to make contact with aliens, the formation of a UFO spotting network, a para-terrestrial seance and the documented seeking of a sea monster.

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    2nd – 15th October 2023
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  • Gallery Opening Times: 10:00-16:00

    Private View: 5pm Friday 6th October 2023 Project Space Plus, Lincoln Arts Centre