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Image: UKNA London Weekender January 2022; Studio of Gibson/Martelli (Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli)

Navigating the Journey For New Artists

Fri 20th Oct

The  “Navigating the Journey for New Artists” symposium takes place during the UKNA ‘’Weekend Celebration of Creativity’’ which will be taking place across Lincoln City.

This event is timely as we are post Brexit & Covid-19 and the sector is working alongside a new arts strategy of “Lets Create”.   Lincoln Arts Centre x UK New Artists wish to discuss some of the key questions for new artists now and going forward in supporting and sustaining their practice and learn what we can do together and for each other. 


Please note that the event will be recorded and photographed.

  • Date:
    Fri 20th Oct 2023
  • Time:

Find the agenda for the Symposium here:

Symposium Agenda

Arts Council England, Nottingham Trent University, University of Derby, University of Lincoln