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Lincoln Book Festival 2023 – British Library: Tales of the Weird

Sat 14th Oct

This is a two-part author event with Daniel Pietersen and Dr Jen Baker in conversation with Tim Rideout.

With his florid style and powerful imagination, R Murray Gilchrist’s impact on the weird fiction genre is unmistakable – yet his name has fallen into obscurity. Daniel Pietersen has edited a new anthology of his work, I Am Stone: The Gothic Weird Tales of R Murray Gilchrist, exploring tales of annihilation and shattered identities, fatalistic romances, bewildering visions of the sublime and mythological evils preying on the innocent: an essential journey for any reader of the weird.

From living dolls to spirits wandering in search of solace or vengeance, the ghostly youth is one of the most enduring phenomena of supernatural fiction. In Minor Hauntings: Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth, Dr Jen Baker gathers a selection of the most chilling hauntings and encounters with ghostly children, and the folklore and legends which inspired them. Reviving obscure stories from Victorian periodicals and nail-biting episodes from master storytellers, prepare to be enchanted, moved and thoroughly frightened.

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    Sat 14th Oct 2023
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    £10 All Tickets

  • This event will be hosted at Lincoln Museum (formerly the Collection)